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MONSTAGON plays Wacken – debut album via Make Big Records


It is rare that a newcomer gets booked on WACKEN:OPEN:AIR, the biggest Metal festival of the world. I mean – if they are not booked for the Metal Battle or other newcomer activities.

MONSTAGON managed to get themselves a name in the growing scene of End Time Metal: The look like they survived the movie scenes of 2012 and MAD MAX and they sound like the directors of Mad Max should have better chosen „Engines of Vengeance“ as their original soundtrack.

Watch the Trailer to the upcoming video to „Engines of Vengeance“ on Youtube, filmed by Timm Prozell, who worked with THE SCORPIONS previously:


MONSTAGON live (more to come)

07.06.2015 Paradiso Roadhouse Club Wuppertal
29.07.2015 Wasteland Stage Wacken:Open:Air
30.07.2015 Wasteland Stage Wacken:Open:Air
31.07.2015 Wasteland Stage Wacken:Open:Air
01.08.2015 Wasteland Stage Wacken:Open:Air