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Lucid Nightmares

Running With Lions
Lucid Nightmares
Releasedate: 02.02.2018
Genre: Pop Punk
Kat-# MBR0016

Pop Punk is not dead! At least not according to Running With Lions. Singer Eike, bass player Krissi, guitar player Robb and drummer Tommy add their live experience from bands like Johnny Deathshadow, Monstagon, Crushing Caspars and Krach and they want to bring their hometown Hamburg to fame on the globe of Punk Rock! Fans of bands like Green Day, Blink-182, New Found Glory or All Time Low should watch out for Running With Lions.

Three chords and catchy melodies, their debut EP „Lucid Nightmares“ will be released on February 2nd, 2018 via Make Big Records. „Lucid Nightmares“ has been recorded, produced, mixed and mastered late in 2017 at Boogie Park Studios in Hamburg by Alex Henke. Band and music are the brainchild of singer Eike: „Some of those songs are on my shelves for a couple of years and I am looking forward to showing those to the world. Those are some of the most personal songs I ever wrote. We grew up listening to Green Day, Blink-182 or New Found Glory. And I think it’s possible to hear.“  Though the band didn’t try to completely sound like their idols. „No, that is impossible, the weather in Hamburg is more like the weather in Seattle than the weather in California. You can’t sound as sunny if the sun isn’t shining.“

Running With Lions - Lucid Nightmares
Running With Lions Lucid Nightmares release date 2/2/2018

Eike: Guitars & Vocals
Robb: Guitars & Vocals
Krissy: Bass & Vocals
Tommy: Drums

JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW get remixed by Gravity Shock

Wacken:Open:Air? Check! M’era Luna? Check! Wave-Gotik-Treffen? Check! Where do you go, when you fullfilled all your childhood dreams in one dark brillant summer? In case your name is JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW, you simply go on! The band entered Boogie Park Studios in November and is currently recording the successor to their successfull debut album „Bleed With Me“ with producer Alex Henke. To give all old and new fans alike something worth the wait, JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW are releasing another remix of the single „Kill The Lights“ on December 22, 2017. Remixers are Gravity Shock, who worked for other industrial acts before. If you want to spend even more on Christmas, you can get tickets for the JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW hometown show in January 2018 or the support shows with CYPECORE in spring 2018.

Johnny Deathshadow
Kill The Lights – Gravity Shock Mix
Release Date 22.12.2017
Make Big Records / Belive Digital / Soulfood

We Rock The North

LOFFT - We Rock The North, out February 19!
LOFFT – We Rock The North, out February 19!

With „We Rock The North“, LOFFT have written a hymn for one of the most unique heavy metal meeting points in the world: The Headbanger’s Ballroom in Hamburg is well-known all over Europe. Every Wacken-visitor has started his ride to the holy land by drinking a pre- or aftershow beer directly at the waterfront. The club is closed, but the party goes on – on the river, on board of the MS Stubnitz. Celebrate it with one of the hardest songs ever written by LOFFT.

The single is available at…


JTR SICKERT – Etoilè, out January 29!

JTR Sickert shared already the stage with the grandmasters from Gothic to Industrial like CombiChrist, Das Ich, Theatres des Vampires, taking the Gothic-Electro world by storm. Now they signed a contract with Make Big Records.

JTR SICKERT’s debut album „You Deserve Panic“ scored them the „best album of 2009“ in several underground magazines and a gig at the biggest festival of the black scene at Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig.

JTR Sickert joined Swedish Death Metal stars Dark Tranquillity on stage at Viadana Open Air in 2011. Those are just some of the witnesses of this amalgamut of Gothic Rock, Techno and Heavy Metal. With lyrics about s/m sex and a serial killer from England in the Victorian age – gothic soul, what do you want more?!

Hits! To get seduced by the songs of „Etoilè“ and get a glimpse of the songs, check out the video of „Oblivion“…

… or the video of „More Pt. II remixed“:

Billy T Cooper: Vocals
Daniele Rezzaghi: Rhythm guitar and synthesizer
ZAP: Lead guitar
Emy Zona: Vocals
Klaus Mantivani: Bass
Federico Bonora: Drums

Volume 1

 BlackHoleDream - Volume 1
BlackHoleDream – Volume 1, out January 29!

After you listened to this album, you will chant wholeheartedly: „I don’t believe in God, I believe in Yeah Yeahs!“

From the idea of five friends, Biax (Guitar), Riky (voice), Mattia (Drums), Edo (Bass) and Andres (Guitar), during the summer of 2014, BlackHoleDream saw the light!  Coming from different musical journey, the common idea of the band was to mix together all these experience and bring them to the next level! The sound of BHD can be described as the perfect combination between modern rock and metal riffs with an eye open to the poprock ballads!

Between January and May 2015, the band composed and recorded at „Biax Studio“ an album of 10 tracks, called „Vol.1“, mastered at „Fusix Studio“.

Since October 2015 the brand new single, „Tako-Tsubo Syndrome“ is out with a videoclip recorded by Beppe Platania. Take a look here:

… and join the church of the Yeah-Yeahs!

BlackHoleDream now are ready to bring their music to the masses!

Riccardo Saliceto: Guitars & Vocals
Biagio Totaro: Guitars & Vocals
Andrés Oliveros: Guitars
Edoardo Poggio: Bass
Mattia Caci: Drums

JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW tour starts this week!

The Death Squad is back! Bringing new songs, new blood and a new attitude, northern germanys favorite Industrial Rock outfit JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW are ready to incinerate europes stages with their trademark mix of infectious grooves, hard riffs and razorsharp melodies. Following their legendary horror punk pop covers and their debut Death Rock EP BLOOD & BONES (Make Big Records / ENORM) the band has found their style somewhere between Rob Zombie, Pain and Combichrist creating a new type of modern Industrial Rock with a sharp metal edge.

After five years in Germanys gothic scene, the band will present their whole new style  for the first time on the second part of their 2015 „The Slow Departure Tour“. Several new songs from the upcoming debult Album BLEED WITH ME, on which the band has worked with Alex Henke (Dark Age) and Marcel Zürcher (Die Krupps) will see the light of europes stages for the first time. Also the band will be touring the UK for the first time in December. The Death Cult is alive – Bow down motherfuckers!

Just in time for their first ever UK tour, JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW released the video to  „Kill The Lights“, the first glimpse into their upcoming album due in 2016. „Bleed With Me“ is produced by Alex Henke (Dark Age, Wirtz) in Monochrom Studios, Hamburg. Others collaborating are Marcel Zürcher (Die Krupps) and „JP“ Gerken (Lacrimosa).

The Slow Departure 2015 Tour

booked by SAVE MONSTER
03.12.15 – Leicester: The Shed
04.12.15 – Essex: Asylum
05.12.15 – Whitchurch: Percy’s
06.12.15 – Southampton: The Talking Heads
07.12.15 – Bristol: Stag and Hounds

Official Tourposter:

The Slow Departure Tour 2015
The Slow Departure Tour 2015


Make Big Records

MONSTAGON plays Wacken – debut album via Make Big Records


It is rare that a newcomer gets booked on WACKEN:OPEN:AIR, the biggest Metal festival of the world. I mean – if they are not booked for the Metal Battle or other newcomer activities.

MONSTAGON managed to get themselves a name in the growing scene of End Time Metal: The look like they survived the movie scenes of 2012 and MAD MAX and they sound like the directors of Mad Max should have better chosen „Engines of Vengeance“ as their original soundtrack.

Watch the Trailer to the upcoming video to „Engines of Vengeance“ on Youtube, filmed by Timm Prozell, who worked with THE SCORPIONS previously:


MONSTAGON live (more to come)

07.06.2015 Paradiso Roadhouse Club Wuppertal
29.07.2015 Wasteland Stage Wacken:Open:Air
30.07.2015 Wasteland Stage Wacken:Open:Air
31.07.2015 Wasteland Stage Wacken:Open:Air
01.08.2015 Wasteland Stage Wacken:Open:Air

LOFFT – New album ‚Follow To Survive‘ coming June 12th 2015! Lyric video for „Inferior“ out now!

LOFFT - Follow To Survive out Friday, 12 June!
LOFFT – Follow To Survive out Friday, 12 June!

Follow To Survive
Releasedate: 12.06.2015
Genre: Alternative Rock
Kat-# MBR0007

Call it what you like – „Modern Rock“, „Alternative Rock“ – LOFFT from Hamburg, Germany celebrate the Rock, that old four-letter-word.  Their songs are energizing and straight to the point – and you’re welcome whether you want to headbang or dance. Songs like „All I Ever Wanted“, „Count On Me“ or „Inferior“ practise the riffs somewhere between CREED, PUDDLE OF MUDD and VOLBEAT. LOFFT’s real strength is the ability to write great ballads. If „Talented To Hurt“ doesn’t melt your heart, you have none.

Check out the brandnew lyric video for „Inferior“ here:

LOFFT – Follow To Survive
Coming out June 12th 2015
via Make Big Records / Believe Digital / Soulfood!

LOFFT live
13.06.2015 Wöhrden Rockt – 25797 Wöhrden – GERMANY
04.07.2015 Rock For Animal Rights – Sandstedt-Offenwarden – GERMANY
18.07.2015 Vmax – Devils Days Germany 2015 – Gnarrenburg-Brillit – GERMANY
06.08.2015 Meisenfrei – 28195 Bremen – GERMANY
24.10.2015 Lehmitz – 20359 Hamburg – GERMANY
20.11.2015 Sounds – 23552 Lübeck – GERMANY

Visit LOFFT on Facebook:

Tears of White Roses

Tears of White Roses
SEBASTIEN – Tears of White Roses – 4/10/2013


Tears of White Roses
Releasedate: 04.10.2013
Genre: Melodic Power Metal
Kat-# MBR0003

“I put lots of my energy in them, because I believe they can wake up the interest abroad and reach the international success!” Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween)

SEBASTIEN hail from Czech Republic. Produced by Roland Grapow (MASTERPLAN, ex HELLOWEEN), their 2010 album „Tears of White Roses“ was re-released by MAKE BIG RECORDS just in time for their European tour with MASTERPLAN! Guest stars on the album include AMANDA SOMERVILLE, APOLLO PAPATHANASIO, DOOGIE WHITE, FABIO LEONE, MIKE DIMEO und TORE MOREN. The re-release of “Tears of White Roses” includes two bonus tracks, a live-version of “Dorian” and the song “Jdou”.

George Rain – vocals
Andy Mons – guitars, backing vocals
Petri Skalainen – bass, backing vocals
Pavel Dvorak – keyboards
Lucas R. – drums