The Slow Departure Tour 2015

JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW tour starts this week!

The Death Squad is back! Bringing new songs, new blood and a new attitude, northern germanys favorite Industrial Rock outfit JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW are ready to incinerate europes stages with their trademark mix of infectious grooves, hard riffs and razorsharp melodies. Following their legendary horror punk pop covers and their debut Death Rock EP BLOOD & BONES (Make Big Records / ENORM) the band has found their style somewhere between Rob Zombie, Pain and Combichrist creating a new type of modern Industrial Rock with a sharp metal edge.

After five years in Germanys gothic scene, the band will present their whole new style  for the first time on the second part of their 2015 „The Slow Departure Tour“. Several new songs from the upcoming debult Album BLEED WITH ME, on which the band has worked with Alex Henke (Dark Age) and Marcel Zürcher (Die Krupps) will see the light of europes stages for the first time. Also the band will be touring the UK for the first time in December. The Death Cult is alive – Bow down motherfuckers!

Just in time for their first ever UK tour, JOHNNY DEATHSHADOW released the video to  „Kill The Lights“, the first glimpse into their upcoming album due in 2016. „Bleed With Me“ is produced by Alex Henke (Dark Age, Wirtz) in Monochrom Studios, Hamburg. Others collaborating are Marcel Zürcher (Die Krupps) and „JP“ Gerken (Lacrimosa).

The Slow Departure 2015 Tour

booked by SAVE MONSTER
03.12.15 – Leicester: The Shed
04.12.15 – Essex: Asylum
05.12.15 – Whitchurch: Percy’s
06.12.15 – Southampton: The Talking Heads
07.12.15 – Bristol: Stag and Hounds

Official Tourposter:

The Slow Departure Tour 2015
The Slow Departure Tour 2015


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