JTR SICKERT – Etoilè, out January 29!

JTR Sickert shared already the stage with the grandmasters from Gothic to Industrial like CombiChrist, Das Ich, Theatres des Vampires, taking the Gothic-Electro world by storm. Now they signed a contract with Make Big Records.

JTR SICKERT’s debut album „You Deserve Panic“ scored them the „best album of 2009“ in several underground magazines and a gig at the biggest festival of the black scene at Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig.

JTR Sickert joined Swedish Death Metal stars Dark Tranquillity on stage at Viadana Open Air in 2011. Those are just some of the witnesses of this amalgamut of Gothic Rock, Techno and Heavy Metal. With lyrics about s/m sex and a serial killer from England in the Victorian age – gothic soul, what do you want more?!

Hits! To get seduced by the songs of „Etoilè“ and get a glimpse of the songs, check out the video of „Oblivion“…

… or the video of „More Pt. II remixed“:

Billy T Cooper: Vocals
Daniele Rezzaghi: Rhythm guitar and synthesizer
ZAP: Lead guitar
Emy Zona: Vocals
Klaus Mantivani: Bass
Federico Bonora: Drums