BlackHoleDream - Volume 1

Volume 1

 BlackHoleDream - Volume 1
BlackHoleDream – Volume 1, out January 29!

After you listened to this album, you will chant wholeheartedly: „I don’t believe in God, I believe in Yeah Yeahs!“

From the idea of five friends, Biax (Guitar), Riky (voice), Mattia (Drums), Edo (Bass) and Andres (Guitar), during the summer of 2014, BlackHoleDream saw the light!  Coming from different musical journey, the common idea of the band was to mix together all these experience and bring them to the next level! The sound of BHD can be described as the perfect combination between modern rock and metal riffs with an eye open to the poprock ballads!

Between January and May 2015, the band composed and recorded at „Biax Studio“ an album of 10 tracks, called „Vol.1“, mastered at „Fusix Studio“.

Since October 2015 the brand new single, „Tako-Tsubo Syndrome“ is out with a videoclip recorded by Beppe Platania. Take a look here:

… and join the church of the Yeah-Yeahs!

BlackHoleDream now are ready to bring their music to the masses!

Riccardo Saliceto: Guitars & Vocals
Biagio Totaro: Guitars & Vocals
Andrés Oliveros: Guitars
Edoardo Poggio: Bass
Mattia Caci: Drums